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Have fun and color it as YOU see Kaua’i.

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*** Ā THE LIST offer below is still in editing at this time! ***

The most awesome Kaua’i vacation guide in the WORLD šŸ™‚

… and so much more.

If you are planning a visit to the magical Garden Island and have started planning, you might just be experiencing what I call trip advisor-guidebook-web-review(itis)!

What or who can you believe?

And did you know almost every Top 10 list online is made up not of truly best places/activities but PAID for advertisements?

I and my friends who live here get the question, “What would you do?”

It is the most asked question we hear. Why? We live here.

I’m not writing a guide on “the best of Kaua’i.”

I’m writing theĀ guide on the bestĀ of Kaua’iĀ —Ā for YOU.

It’s called THE LIST.

It is a list of my TOP recommendations. Tours, tips, hikes, sights, activities, restaurants … when you only have a few days and you are trying to make the best decisions on how to spend them, this will provide you with the top choices here on the island, based on my personal knowledge and experience.

The LIST will be available TBD! Announcement forth coming with how to order on the podcast.


Want more? Personal advisement? Listeners have told me it would have been so helpful if they could have talked to someone BEFORE they arrived on the things to do and see. Someone local. You know, someone that knows that highly rated restaurant had closed or changed owners. Or how to book that tour for the lowest price, no hype. The REAL deals.

Check out that service I am offering for you, Kauai Talk listeners, at the link below!

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