Kaua’i Talk

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Kaua’i Talk is your podcast dedicated to celebrating the Aloha of the Garden Island, Kaua’i in beautiful Hawaii.

Hosted by Phil Ladden, who is blessed to be living on the island, this family friendly show covers vacation planning, news, reviews, history, and activities. Also featured are interviews of vacationers and residents about their favorite experiences, activities, and stories while on this island paradise.

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045 Interview with Joey Wray – His views on island living

044 The LOST Episode and Staying Safe Hiking Kauai

043 The Appearance of Living in Hawaii – Are You Being Deceived?

042 Running Kauai – Jeff Succhini and the Kauai Marathon

041 Living on the Island, Kauai – Is it for You?

040 Golfing Kauai – The Princeville Makai Golf Club

039 Coffee with Kevin – A Listener Comes to Kauai to Talk with Phil

038 What to Wear to Beat the Heat! Advice from Pineapples Boutique

037 WHO is Listening to Kauai Talk Podcast and the Noise that Threatens the Islands

036 The *Color Kauai* Coloring Contest

035 Four Things I’ve Learned Living in Hawaii (Kauai)

034 The Most Adventurous Tour on Kauai?

033 Why Use a Concierge

032 How to Know if that Tour Deal is Legit

031 Hiking Kauai – What to Bring: Talking with Guide Jeremiah Felsen

030 My Recent Eats and Why Kauai for Christmas

029 Janel asks: Are you still doing the Kauai podcast?

028 MUST See and Do Activities

027 Kapa’a – Voted One of the Prettist Towns in America and Most Mis-Pronounced!

026 The Ambiguity of THE BEST of Kauai

025 Monkeys Coming to Kauai?

024 Eddie Would Go … Who was Eddie and Where Would He Go?

023 When Should You Book Air Travel to Kauai?

022 Five South Shore Kauai FOOD Stops

021 Alison asks North Shore or South Shore?

020 An Interview with Visitors Thomas and Bettina

019 Rikki Tikki Tavi is NOT Welcome Here

018 Happy New Year – You are Invited to Talk

017 Talking with the Kauai Santa on the Golf Course and Giving Back

016 Five Things to do the Week Before Your Vacation

015 The FIVE Pictures You Must Take Back from Kauai, Hawaii

014 Conversation with Stephanie Michel

013 An Update, Announcement, and Offer!

012 What is the Spirit of Aloha?

011 Misguided Information: Be Careful What You Read About Kauai 

010 Happy New Year, a Mainland Trip via Hawaiian Air, and Let’s Cook!

Happy New Year 2015

009 A Wonderful Christmas Festival in Kauai and Our Picks for Gifts

008 December 2014 News and Events

007 Taking Great Vacation Photos

006 Let’s Talk About the Weather

005 Our Quick Food Stops!

004 The INSIDE Tour of the Kilauea Lighthouse on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii

003 Waimea Canyon is a MUST See but Do Not Miss This View

002 Trip Advisor Helicopter Post That Caught Our Eye

001 Why Kauai

000 Welcome