The Hawaiian Tourism Authority reports Kauai vacations are up.

There are two types of people in this world. People who love stats and people who don’t. If you’re the latter, please skip this post. Maybe Head over to our Instagram account and check out our pictures we posted today.

I am amazed at the number of visitors Kauai receives each and every month. You will often hear people talking about Hawai’i’s islands that the ONE you really have to see is Kauai. While all the Hawaiian Islands are unique and stunning, Kauai holds a special place of its own.

Goodnight Kauai
Goodnight Kauai – from Anini Beach last night

Is your Kauai vacation above average?

The following numbers are the most recent as reported the the tourism authority through May 2014. 91,881 thousand visitors came to the island in May alone. This was up almost 2% from 2013. Year to date there have been 446,988 visitors averaging 7.95 days a visit. Only Maui averages longer visits at 8.5 days.

The average per person per day spends $174. That is the lowest cost per day of the other 3 major islands, with Maui expenditures averaging $207 per day. For the week long trip people spend about $1386 per person.

The vast majority of those coming over are from the United States and of those most are visiting for vacation reasons. The next group are those visiting family or friends. Sporting events, and business conferences close out the other main reasons for visits.

The following stats are for all visitors to Hawaii and were averages for the year 2013. I assume the first 5 months of 2013 are similar to this year are similar for Kauai specifically. The study was divided between the Eastern and Western United States, but for this post I combined the results. Most of the feedback was similar for U.S. visitors regardless which part of the country they were from. There were also stats for our Canadian visitors which I did not include at this writing. I promise to do that at the mid-year report. Travelers from the U.S. have a medium income of $117,000 dollars. They average 44.6 years of age and come in groups of 2.6 persons.

TOP reasons given for coming

The top two reasons for visiting are that people feel safe and secure here and feel the value received for the money spent is high. Next is that the island offers the best chance to relax and unwind versus Europe or the Caribbean. It’s believed to be a great place ot get away from it all and that the people are friendly. Rounding out the top reasons were the clean environment, unique scenery, and authentic experiences.

Isn’t that the truth? I remember my first visit over 20 years ago as I came from Colorado. Hawaii was the only place I had ever seen that was as beautifully stunning as Colorado – even more so.

Other preferences listed are, again, obvious. Highest on this list was the fact that the activities on island were such that you never wanted to leave. The historical and cultural activities, romantic environment, and ease of getting around were noted. Directions do simplify on Kauai. As long as visitors learn that directions are given referencing the mauka or mountain side and ¬†makai or ocean side of the road, not left or right, it’s pretty easy to get where you are going.

Where the MONEY was spent

So where did you spend your money? The largest expenditure was for lodging, followed by transportation, meals, entertainment/activities, shopping, and other misc. I am trying to speculate what the “other” things might be? Seems the previous categories pretty much cover it. Maybe long distance calls or mailing packages back …

I’ll be baaaack!

Here are the top reasons why you are likely to return according to this report. First, the stunning, natural beauty! This was followed by the great weather, the beaches, and it is safe. Safety seems to always have been on our minds, but perhaps more so in these times.

Reasons that don’t seem to matter are things such as more flights offered near your home, to attend an event or festival, hearing about new things to do since your last visit, and the old stand-by, it’s tradition! Yes, these were reasons listed for some as to reasons they were coming back but only by very few.

On the other hand. there were some things that did impact one’s ability to return. These reasons were listed as ones that were likely to result in not returning: increasing price of airfare and/or the long flight, costs of lodging, and a more attractive value at another destination. Most interesting reason “they” are not returning – not enough activities in Hawaii that interested them ….. I’d LOVE to interview that person(s).

There you have it. Is it possible to say there is such a thing as an average visit to Kauai? We think not.

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