Kauai Farmers Markets are growing in popularity

Pardon the pun, but the Kauai farmers market are cropping up island-wide. It’s no surprise an island where self-sustainment is part of its people’s history and a strong consciousness for organic, non-GMO farming is a focus, buying ones fruits and vegetables at a farmers market is popular for both residents and visitors.

There are numerous locations around the island with one open just about every day of the week. Availability and quantities are dependent on the times of year and the seasonal conditions.

There’s nothing better than knowing that avocado or tomato was just harvested that week or even that very morning. Fresh food makes a difference. Kauai farmers markets are an unmatched opportunity to purchase quality produce versus that which would have been shipped over days or weeks ago.

Kaua'i's local food variety!
Kaua’i’s local food variety!

Best of all, buying local supports the local economy and people. The Kauai County Farm Bureau has a program, Kauai Grown, that identifies and helps market those businesses who support the farmers. Look for their logo as you shop.

Why is it people in increasing numbers look forward to buying from their local farmer? Here’s our top reasons.

TOP Reasons To Shop at the Kauai Farmers Market

1.) Choice! See what is in season and find new choices, often not found in your grocery. Variety is always at a local market. This past weekend we found a new fruit, Lychee. Unbelievably good, in taste and good for you and now in season.

2.) Talk to a farmer! How cool to be able to literally talk with the grower of your food. You can find out how they cultivate their plants and treat the animals. They often can share new ways to prepare their vegetables. We’ve gotten facts from the farmer regarding GMOs, the differences in their organic grown food, and the advantages of an organic farm.

3.) Strengthen the community! It can not be emphasized more, supporting the local farmer translates in related areas of the economy, including job opportunities.

4.) Freshness! Food picked ripe/fresh is proven best in taste and nutritionally superior than food picked weeks too soon so that it can be transported to markets.

5.) It’s SOCIAL! Leave your social media platforms at home. The market is real time and real people and. You will meet other like minded people, connecting with the community. You’ll talk with friends and family all while surrounded by the stunning scenery and clean air!

We are thankful to those here that are promoting and supporting the farmers markets. If you are planning a visit, be sure to stop by one in your area and enjoy the freshness of our foods, grown locally.

*Remember to bring a reusable sack or bag to carry your purchases. Also, while some merchants will be able to take a debit or credit card, many only accept cash. Aloha!