The coastal bike trail on Kauai’s East shore may be the most beautiful bike ride in the world

Kauai Bike PathKe Ala Hele Makalae, the path that goes by the coast, is a paved, multi-use (bike/walk) path that offers one of the best ways to see Kauai’s East Shore coastal views. This past week we dropped by the Kapa’a Beach Shop, grabbed a couple bikes, and took a morning ride on this gorgeous trail.

At this time the trail is divided into two sections. The first part connects Lydgate State Park to Wailua Beach Park. The second section links Kapa’a to Ahihi Point. We took the second section and snapped the following pictures on this 4.5 mile ride.

There are a number of convenient and highly rated shops to rent a bike from. Today we dropped in on Mike and Janie’s Kapa’a Beach Shop, located right off the Kuhio Highway. They opened their business just over 4 years ago after coming over from Oregon. Kapaa Beach ShopThey and their dog Chaos will welcome you at the porch. Chaos is a friendly shepherd that is far more likely to kiss you than bark. You will find Kapa’a Beach Shop’s rates and bikes to be some of the best on the island. ($5 per hour or $10 for the day!)

Mike got us going in the right direction from the Shop advising us to ride north, the most scenic part. The Beach Shop has easy access to the trail, which is located just behind it.

On this day, the temperatures were expected to be hot, and they were (upper mid to upper 80s). Despite the warmth, the tropical breeze kept us very comfortable while riding.



5 things to remember

* Start early. Plan to take 1-2 hours to enjoy the trail. You will find the actual ride can be done in about 30 minutes, but you definitely will want to stop and take pictures.Kauai bike path

* Bring a bottle of water. The shop will provide a basket to carry your stuff, so don’t worry about having to bring a pack etc.

*  Watch the path! While riding, it is easy to be distracted by the amazing scenery and the ride passes seaside cliffs.

* There are many tables along the way to use for a picnic.

* The path is fairly level, but we really like the bikes that have the 3 gears. 

Don’t miss this!

As we crested a small hill, Kealia Beach came into view. This beach offers great views, lots of surfers, sand, and is life guarded. But do not end your ride here. Just beyond this expansive beach are two of the most beautiful scenes along the bike path – the old pier and Donkey Beach.

Donkey Beach
Donkey Beach

We think Donkey Beach is one of the most picturesque crescent shaped beaches on the island. Please note: Donkey Beach area is known for its powerful rip currents and is not a swimming beach.

The bike path ends unassumingly … from here it is not recommended to ride on.

We spent 2 hours this particular morning touring the East Shore by bike. It was a nice way to get some exercise and is fun for all.

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Old Kauai Pier, Kapaa
Old Kauai Pier, Kapaa


End of Kauai bike path
North end of Kauai bike path