In this episode:

I found the pictures I took from my first visit! It was December 2013 … and they helped fill in the details. Such a wonderful week on the island. Of course, I was fortunate to have a person who lived there be my guide and planner!

So what did we do? What did we see? Listen in.

I also mention that just a month ago I survived … actually dodged as the Doc described it … certain death as it was found that the main artery to my heart was blocked. Like 99% … VERY thankful and amazed that with the technology today a 40 or so minute procedure (stent) opened and cleared it and today I live with new vigor and tremendous gratitude. It is probably very fortunate this was found HERE … as I was able to make it to the hospital in 5 mins. 

The Kauai Coloring Contest is back! Let’s do that again. Open to all ages .. Info and Download here: Color Kauai Contest  NOTE you do not have to tag or post to FB or Instagram! Just email a picture of your work of art to me at kauaitalk AT gmail dot com … you can also email me to request a copy of the coloring page and I will send it to you to print out.

Tell me about your FIRST visit to Kaua’i! Email me at kauaitalk AT gmail DOT com 🙂

And the picture for this episode is the one I mention in the show — taken on my last day of my visit … just look at that!