A long time listener and supporter of the podcast is on island — Kevin joins us from beautiful Poipu

Despite a natural disaster on Kauai’s North shore a couple of months ago where 50 inches of rain dropped in 24 hours — officials and residents are in process of recovery — the island life goes on.

In this episode I sit down with Kevin, long time listener and supporter of this podcast! He is in the outdoor studio in beautiful Poipu, the picnic table in front of Little Fish Coffee across from Kiahuna Plantation — I, from the kitchen table table in HOT (114F) Phoenix, AZ.

We catch up and talk story about his visit just a few weeks ago.

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ALoha friends.



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Credit: This episode’s picture was taken the morning of July 5, 2018 from Waipouli by listener Scott, who is visiting with his family and two others! Mahalo Scott.