An island resident shares his experiences on Kauai living over the last decade.

A few months ago Joey Wray wrote an email to me and said he would be willing to share some thoughts and opinions regarding his experiences on living here on Kauai over the past decade.

As is typical of island life, it took us over 2-3 months to get together, sit down, and talk about island living. We met at Aloha Coffee in Koloa and covered a wide range of topics and talked story.


  • He is the owner of Ready Rentals – specializing in baby cribs, beach gear, and wheel chairs etc.
  • Producer of the Kauai Break Podcast
  • How he came to move to Kauai … family
  • Kids and schools
  • His son is using his surfing skills to teach others … you will never guess where
  • Why it has been FOUR years since he has left the rock

… and more.

Plus: A new mainland restaurant opens today in Poipu! I share the number of tropical storms and hurricanes that have hit or come close to the Hawaiian islands this season.

What topics would you like covered on a future episode? Write to me at kauaitalk @ gmail . com (no spaces) and let me know.

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Note: The picture on the web site Aloha Kauai Vacation for Episode 45 is the picture of Joey and I in Koloa the day we recorded this show … uncanny resemblance yes?!

ALoha friends!