You’re not on vacation anymore.

Aloha listeners. In the last episode we talked with the founder of the Kauai Marathon. Yesterday it was run and everyone had a great time. I started working on this show a few weeks ago and talk about what is often on my mind when I see all the info from those living and visiting beautiful Hawaii.

Truth be told, it isn’t all sunshine, rainbows, and lollypops.

It was RAINING as I began recording this episode and in true island life fashion, this episode is recorded over a 10+ or so day period!

  • I talk about a couple of news items.
  • Hope’s coloring contest entry. It’s really nice. #colorkauai – see it here < — click the link
  • The appearance of living in Hawaii. There is a stark reality shift from the pictures and things you read about on the websites versus the actuality of moving and living here. It’s very different than the feeling you have when you are vacationing here. Yet, there is a very real awesomeness of island life. Unfortunately, it is most often not enough to overcome the things that ultimately lead one to the tough decision of going back. Back to family and friends and cheaper milk 🙂

Mahalo for listening and being a part of the Kauai Talk ohana.

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