Many find it’s not their paradise after moving here

It’s become the topic I am most often asked. Living on Kaua’i.

It’s paradise! You are so lucky. So stress free? Beautiful! 

That describes the vacation mode. Periodically in the coming episodes, I will be talking about living here and your hope of someday moving here.

People that visit either develop the dream of living here someday or have had the dream of living here.

In this episode, I share a story from a person that was planning on moving here … with no knowledge of how it would be once she got here. I also have an email from a person that has visited many times and another from a listener who has made a decision on their move to Kauai after their last visit. They’ve had a complete change of heart.

This episode will be the first of a number more on the topic of moving and living on the island.

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