Over the past couple of weeks I listened to two conversations regarding the reservations on a popular island tour. Knowing the business and being familiar with both companies, I knew exactly that the information wasn’t exactly as was being conveyed.

It wasn’t as cheap as advertised; it wasn’t really the agent’s discount. And it wasn’t a preferred time to fly … far from it. (Both were helicopter tours.)

I talk about that and give you some ideas and advice on what you should/could do before booking your tours on Kauai. Being an informed visitor will save you money AND help book the tours that are best for you.

Also, I talk about one of the most often asked questions of me! Can you guess? It’s not how did I come to live here … that’s the MOST asked question. The question I talk about today is this one, Are you going to stay? Well, it’s …. complicated! 

BTW, the picture for this episode was taken about two weeks ago when I was set up for a doors-off helicopter tour with Mauna Loa .. quite an experience! Highly recommend.

I hope you enjoy Episode 32 of Kauai talk.

Aloha and Mahalo for listening and connecting.

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The LIST … almost ready. There will be a link on the web site Aloha Kauai Vacation. It’s my list of my personal and informed recommendations on what to see and do on Kauai.

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