Kauai Talk is a podcast dedicated to celebrating the Aloha of the Garden Island Kauai in beautiful Hawaii. In this episode I share recent places I’ve eaten that you may want to check out on your visit. I also talk with visitors who spent Xmas in Kauai!

And new things on island … perhaps most talked about is the new whale mural! The artist Wyland returned to re-paint it. It is on the wall of the building that was the Longs in Kapa’a … which is soon to be the new Ross on island.

Over a weekend (2 days) Wyland completed the project. He jokingly said he had to work fast because when one is working for free, you can’t waste time. Ha!

It turned out great and I think is better than the previous one he did over 10 years ago. See the pictures at our Instagram or Facebook links. The picture for this episode shows part of the new mural … there is one major difference in the new one … do you know what it is?

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