Today I sit down with friend Bart Thomas and talk story. We met up at Lydgate Park and in our discussion we covered a range of topics, it was the comments about the BEST of lists or recommendations we often hear from our friends or online sources. They most often are not the best for us …

Other topics in Episode 26: Many visitors that happen on a sleeping Monk seal ask, “Is it dead?”

And finally, I am partnering with some great people to bring you a service I think for many will be just what you are looking for — a pre-planning guide on your vacation to Kauai. It’s one-of-a-kind and would alleviate all the questions, anxiety, and frustration many feel when trying to plan the perfect visit to this Hawaiian Island.

Links from Kauai Talk Episode 026:

The Aloha Offer – Ask the ONE question you must know before you decide what to do on your visit to Kauai. (Free!) You can email this to us as well. You will receive our BEST suggestions to help you make the BEST decision!

The Ultimate Guide to Your Kauai Vacation

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