Episode 25 Highlights:

Episode 25 discusses a recent report of introducing monkeys, yes, monkeys on Kauai! Is it true? I share the report.

One of the oft asked questions I receive is those dealing with the “secret” places to go and see. It’s the wrong question and I talk about why.

I share three great Happy Hour spots if you are looking for one while here. It’s three of many but I give you one place for each shore — North, East, and South. If you find yourself between 3-6 P.M. in these areas, check out the food and drink specials here.

Pre-arrival planning for your trip is a BIG deal. In this episode I hint at a service I will be offering and the introductory level is a one-of-a-kind deal. Everyone has tons of questions as they plan their visits to Kauai. Send me your number one burning question via email for a personal reply and answer from those living here on the island. kauaitalk AT gmail DOT com.

Pre-planning is huge. Did you know that almost ALL recommendations you will see online and in the various travel guides have what is called preferred partnerships behind them? Meaning? They are being suggested as the top thing to do or see because the recommendation pays the best commission. Nothing wrong with that as long as you are aware of it. It is actually required to be disclaimed. You will notice we are committed to keeping our show ad free and our recommendations will be such that they are made because we LOVE them. Not that we receive commission for it.

Take advantage of asking us your ONE question you could really use help receiving an unbiased response.

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