Connecting and keeping in touch with Kauai from the Mainland

This episode offers five suggestions of things to do the week prior to arriving on island! As excited as we get about our upcoming vacation to Kauai, here are a few suggestions of things to do prior to your arrival.

1. Google News – I find searching the news tab for Kauai always gives me some interesting results.

2. The Garden Island Newspaper

3. Facebook posts – Start with our Facebook page Aloha Kauai 808 for pictures and articles.

4. Instagram – We post our pictures just about every day from Kauai here at AlohaKauai_808. And also do searches on the Instagram platform using the hashtag #kauai to see hundreds of pictures, many in real time, of people’s favorite views.

5. Weather – Checking the weather is, of course, of major interest. Just remember even though everyone tells you it rains on Kauai all the time, those comments are often just exaggerations. Yes, it rains but you will find you can still enjoy your activities as the rains are most often scattered. A friend told me in the over 15 years they have been coming here, they can only recall one trip that was effected by the weather. And that can happen any where!

Connect with us!

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Mahalo for your time to listen to this episode.