The Kilauea Lighthouse is one of the top attractions on the North Shore, but few have actually seen the INSIDE

On my first visit to the Kilauea Lighthouse, I wondered out loud if we would get to go INTO the lighthouse. The locks on the door quickly squelched that idea. Not thinking to ask anyone at the visitor center, I found a flyer online about tours being offered every Wednesday! I showed up two weeks later to take the tour.

Here is the number I said I would post if you plan to see this destination and want to verify the tour schedules – presently given every Wednesday and Saturday. That number is: (808) 828-1414 And remember, reservations are not accepted. Sign-ups are on a first come first served basis.

In this episode, I recorded my tour live. Things you’ll learn:

* The beacon is no longer used today and an LED light is in place for local fishermen.

* $1 was the cost of the land paid to the Kilauea Sugar Company for the land

* It cost $75,000 to build the lighthouse and took less than a year

* The first flight to Hawaii would have ended in disaster had it not been for the lighthouse

* There are 50 steps to the top level!

The tour was very informative and enjoyable. Few visitors actually get the opportunity to view the inside of this historic site. The lighthouse celebrated its 100th birthday May 1, 2013. It was refurbished for that event and is in beautiful condition.

Special thanks to Diane and Ken for their tours today.

To see pictures of the tour this day, I wrote a post and uploaded those here: The Tour Pictures

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